All creative license and legal rights to characters, settings, and story are reserved and retained by their original owners. I do not claim creative rights to anything beyond the personal stories of those characters that I created within.

This story is set in the fictional world of EVE Online and uses characters created and played by multiple people. I’ve chosen to write the story assuming a basic awareness of the history of New Eden and the tales of its people as set forth by CCP. Those unfamiliar with the world should read the brief forward which covers just enough of that background to move onto the prelude.

Somewhere lost in the vast history of New Eden is the tale of how humanity took an ultimate leap through the EvE gate, a portal that would propel them to another galaxy and begin one of the greatest stories of our time. Over millennia, civilization in New Eden has taken many forms, eventually coalescing into the rise of the four primary empires; Amarr, Gallente, Caldari, and Minmatar. At the dawning of the Empyrean age cloning technology matured and along with advancements in neuro-technical science, gave rise to a whole new type of human; the capsuleer. With the right genetic compatibility, a person could be cloned into a body which could interface directly with a starship and become virtually immortal. When a capsuleer was killed, their consciousness would be violently ripped from the present clone and instantly sent to another clone.

Each empire, and every faction in between, began the greatest arms race the galaxy had seen; capsuleers were courted as near-gods and anyone with the right genetic makeup was tested and recruited with fervor. In time the capsuleers themselves found that their power exceeded even the great empires themselves, banding together to form their own vast empires on the edge of known space. CONCORD, empowered to preserve the peace from a time before even the first capsuleers, found that they had little jurisdiction within those outer reaches and so accepted the task of preventing at least known criminals from returning to the higher security central systems where the original four empires still held sovereignty. Unable to prevent them, great wars raged between the null-security alliances and empires and continue even to this day.

Back within the relatively safe territories which came to be referred to as high-security space, or simply 'high-sec' there were those who began to question some of the imposing limitations set forth by CONCORD and upheld by even the most destructive of the outer alliances. Seeking freedom from a system that deemed automated intelligence as fundamentally non-sentient and restricted further advancements in clone sciences, Saede Riordan and several hundred like-minded individuals left known space and ventured through a wormhole into the Anoikis cluster, a labyrinth of ever changing wormhole connected systems unchartable to known science and unreachable to all but the most dedicated explorers. They took with them embryonic rogue drone AIs with which they hoped to raise free and sentient AI.

In the many months that it took CONCORD to finally locate Saede and her followers, they had successfully established a colony, introduced fully digital minds into their society, and hacked through just about every security firewall with which CONCORD maintained ultimate control over the capsuleer population. CONCORD's attempts to regain control over those capsuleers who fled with Saede into the system they now called Origin were immediately met with the promise that the new fledgling Colonial Government would release their hacks to the greater high-sec capsuleer population should CONCORD ever try to invade their new home. Faced with a stalemate, CONCORD was forced to cede any control they had hoped to establish over Origin and instead focus on policing those who came and went from it.

Within the relative safety of their new frontier home, the colonists of Origin, protected by their very own capsuleer corporation; Alexylva Paradox, established their capital, Foundation City. They further established a government of Coordinators who, along with their sophisticate and sentient AI began almost immediate advances into neuro-technics and cloning sciences. Within only a year, their top scientists had discovered the key to allow each and every citizen over the biological age of 14 the ability to save off a digital copy of their consciousness to be revived and cloned should they ever die. The new clone couldn't retain the memories from the time passed since the person was scanned, and so regular 'back-ups' became a way of life for the quickly expanding population.

Such miracles of science also created an almost constant need for raw biomass with which to generate new clones. A practice of donating one's body back to be biomassed for the community upon death became mandatory and even the capsuleers would spend the extra diligence to retrieve any corpses from the occasional invader into Origin. Morbidity turned to routine and routine to purpose as overtime the cycle of biomass became as accepted as the cycle of precipitation. It was believed that this practice or at least word of it lead to some of the belief held among those in high-sec that all people who lived in wormholes were cannibals and monsters of myth.